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Padlock Reviews

Early review: It's a work in progress heading in the right direction

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Padlock is a password manager, presently in beta, that stores your logins and passwords. It also generates passwords for you. It's early yet, so a fully blown review would be unfair. Early impressions:

The good:

  • open source (more trust, no backdoors)
  • can sync encrypted database using different services/servers
  • simple interface
  • cross-platform (Windows, Mac... Linux is promised, but it has been for a while)

To be improved:

  • Not enough features (yet?) to succeed as your main password manager
  • No option to use a keyfile
  • Apart from option to connect to different servers (or none at all), hard to see why it's better than Encryptr (which works on Win, Mac & Windows)
  • KeePassX, MacPass and KeeWeb (also open source) do the same stuff but are more functional
  • Harsh-to-look at light blue/white interface. Should be darker/adjustable
  • Password generation limited to 50 characters (why?!)
  • Every option clicked activates a 'sliding up' effect, which is mildly annoying after about 3 minutes.
  • No browser integration or autofill

If you're looking for a fully blown open-source password manager and you use Windows or Linux, go for KeePass. It can be integrated with Firefox browser for superb convenience, is well known and tested, has keyfile support and much else besides. If you're on Mac, try MacPass (also in beta, but compatible with KeePass) or KeeWeb (also KeePass compatible). Finally, there is KeePassX, which works on every platform.

Padlock is one to watch and test, though. And open source password managers are good things to be developing.