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Ridiculous dev

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PAC Manager itself is a powerful piece of software, but the author seems a little cuckoo.
There are no simple installation instructions.
He's NEVER replied positively to ANY of the issues people have raised on GitHub.

He curses at people who offer to make donations easier.

The FAQ, instead of addressing real questions, has nutty stuff like this:

Q: Why in the world is this piece of cr*p (I mean, 'software') written in Perl language? Is not there any uglier/older/unfashinable language?

A: I'm glad you ask so. Perl is the only language I know. And I like it.
And you should like it too. You ALL should give love to this adorable language by Larry Wall.
Oh, and no, there is no older or uglier or what-ever-you-ask-for language to program with.

Q: Your programming style sucks! When are you gonna learn to program like human beings?
A: Since I do not think of myself as a human being, I do not feel the necesity to learn such a thing (despite I know for sure that would be great!)

Q: For God's love, I really hate you and the way you program!
A: That's not a question, but anyway, I do also hate MY programming style
(believe me, now I am slacking my face and pressing my nipples strongly in order to punish myself for being such a bad programmer! ;)

Q: Oohh... so many questions... why 'YAML', why 'Gnome2:Vte', why...???
A: Blah blah blah... shut the f**k up and simply use it if you dare!! ;)

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Very powerful application for remote connections to any operating systems


Great app

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I've been using PAC Manager for over a year now and have had no complains other than a nuisance that it doesn't work nicely with ssh-agent.

I've used SecureCRT, Putty/Kitty, mRemoteNG, MobaXterm and terminal extensively. I've loved using SecureCRT at work, but I think the license cost is just to great for personal use. Other tools listed do not compare to the functionality of SecureCRT or are just buggy and cumbersome to use.

So, to solve that nuisance, I've created a little helper script for PAC Manager to be able to work with ssh-agent and all connections to be able to configure ssh-agent environment for connections using private keys: [https://github.com/hrvojesolc/pac-manager-ssh-agent-helper ].


PAC Manager

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Nice linux alternative to Mobaxterm

Good, solid, reliable connection manager.
Easy to add and edit connection details.
Add connections and groups.

Many connections options :

SSH, FTP, SFTP, VNC, RDP, Telnet, Serial, WebDAV, MOSH, IBM 3270/5250

There is cluster and script management.

Preferences include proxy settings.