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    Olive is a free non-linear video editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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    • sampotter thinks Kdenlive is an alternative to Olive Video Editor
      5 days ago
    • mx
      mxmx562 Upvoted a comment on Olive Video Editor
      It's a great project, but version 0.2, which is supposed to be "coming out soon", has been coming out for years now, but never has! meanwhile, the guy behind this project, has plenty of time to make amusing videos on his youtube channel, which is cool, and he's entitled to do what he wants with his time, and his editor is free and everything. But he shouldn't lie to people who install the software. Instead of saying "Coming out soon", he should say: "Not sure when I'll be serious about working on this project again, but given that I like spending hundreds of hours repairing junk hardware which nobody will ever use again, and making videos about it , I'm not really sure when 0.2 will come out. I like him, he's brilliant, but I wouldn't give him a job as the person responsible for serious sofware development...
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      9 days ago
    • mx
      mxmx562 Downvoted a comment on Olive Video Editor
      It's still in alpha. The stable version (0.1) is unsupported due to self-professed lack of resources, while the supported version (0.2) is unstable. Talk about choosing between the 'devil' and the 'deep sea'. Stay away, until it crosses beta. Unless you have that risk appetite.
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      9 days ago