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Works like a charm

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I discovered NoMachine here really, since LogMeIn dropped their free version, googling I had seen NoMachine mentioned as a good substitute and finally tried it out. I was pleasantly surprised, the more so after having read the negative review by Anamon. Since I always support the underdog, even though I have to admit that quality-wise NoMachine is far from being one, I have to submit my review to show my support.

For me it worked out of the box. I work often from home and can access my office Win PC to get files and work on the applications I have there, and which I don't have at home on my Mac. I only ever had one problem, which was the sending of ctrl-alt-canc. The company I work for now has it installed on many of the remote Workstations (of course, not the free version!) which are Linux - audio, sharing data from usb devices, transferring file all work. I don't think $124 for the Workstation is that expensive considering you get 4 virtual Linux desktop sessions with that. The free version is just one session which might frustrate some, but then again it's free and offers a lot. The free version is for access to the physical display only which as a pure remote desktop tool is surely what most people want.

As I said, I was using LMI before and stuck with it for years out of habit really. In a way, I'm happy they eliminated their free version otherwise I wouldn't have discovered a better alternative which imho performs much better in that it's very responsive. Plus it's streaming of video is near-native quality and other alternatives out there can't match it.

I suppose not everyone's experience will be the same, but win some lose some. Social reviews will always be negative which is a sad fact. And authors of professional reviews should really stop reviewing the same products. There are many alternatives out there, as this site actually shows, which deserve to be praised.

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Free, faster than competing products, easy to use, say no more.

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Has been working reliably for me using it across Win/Mac/Linux platforms.


Nothing works

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This thing is a complete mess, and one of the worst remote desktop solutions out there. Their claim to fame is the NX protocol, which is pretty good, but also implemented in many competing solutions that are of overall much better quality.

You can install and set up the thing, and initiate sessions easily enough. If that's all you want to do, you might be fine. But don't expect any of the extra features to work. All of the functionality that they advertise, and that you can find in the applicaiton's various configuration dialogues, menus, and setting files, you'll likely never be able to get to work. And you won't find out why either, because the error messages are invariably undescriptive and unhelpfully generic. "Failed to [whatever you asked it to do]" is about as much detail as you'll usually get. Considering the ridiculous price of the business version, you'd be forgiven for expecting some of these features to actually work the way they're advertised.

I've used NoMachine for a long time, on Windows and various Linux systems in both server and client roles. No setting was ever able to convince it to work acceptably. Among the things I unsuccessfully tried to use are running multiple sessions, transferring files, attaching disks, forwarding connected USB devices – or just logging out of a session without NoMachine trashing the X server every time. All of it reproducible across different systems, not yielding any helpful error messages or log entries, and seemingly impossible to fix despite all the help from support forums. The conclusion I've come to time and time again is that almost no testing can have gone into this software before release. It's a shambles that will quickly change your attitude from getting upset about stuff not working, to being amazed when something does.

Just save yourself the frustration and go with any of the other solutions that implement the NX protocol. Or just resort to TeamViewer, which I'm not a big fan of for various reasons, but it's hard to argue with it considering it tends to actually do what you ask it to.