Mulberry is a powerful, easy to use electronic mail (email) and calendar program that allows you to send, access, and manage email and calendars. Mulberry also helps you manage other related information, such as contact information.

To ensure maximum compatibility with existing email servers, Mulberry uses Internet-standard protocols: IMAP and POP3 for reading email messages, SMTP for sending email messages, MIME for sending and receiving attachments within messages, IMSP and ACAP for storage of preferences and address books on a remote server, and LDAP for address lookups. It also uses http, WebDAV and CalDAV for storing and retrieving calendar data.



Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux

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Official Website


CalDAV POP3 Support Calendar Sync Add a feature


Backup & Sync Office & Productivity


Discontinued calendar calendaring email-client imap mailer


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