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    MiniTool Partition Wizard

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is a partition manager software that supports 32/64 bit Windows Operating System.

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    • hotearth thinks GParted is an alternative to MiniTool Partition Wizard
      5 months ago
    • da
      dakusan reviewed MiniTool Partition Wizard
      Bought the $50 pro version to fix partition problems. Realized that that license did not allow fixing partitions so they helped me upgrade to the top license for an extra $100. I had a drive with a perfectly valid partition but no partition table. This software was unable to find the partition, so it could not fix the partition table. I ended up creating my own partition table in WinHex. Partition showed as raw for some reason in Windows and I could not mount it (Everything looked fine in the partition boot sector, except the sector size). This software was showing that it was a perfectly fine NTFS partition so there was nothing for it to fix. So this software failed me for a second time. Scandisk and resizing all failed to run too, even though their support kept telling me to try them even though they already failed multiple times. I ended up for 2 weeks going back and forth with their support via email. They were just pasting obvious scripts in the email and not actually reading what I said or attempting to escalate to someone who knew what they were talking about. I asked for a refund from them 4 times before finally giving up. Otherwise I would have rated this a 2 star instead of a 1 star. I was able to finally fix the partition myself by changing some of the partition boot sector information in WinHex and then forcing a sector size change through this software.
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      6 months ago
    • Weltall reviewed MiniTool Partition Wizard
      It did it's job, although over the years it became more and more bloated with unnecessary stuff. I use it for handling my partitions, but that is all about it.
      7 months ago