Minitab Alternatives for Android

    Minitab is not available for Android but there is one alternative with similar functionality. The best Android alternative is Number Analytics, which is free. If that doesn't work for you, our users have ranked more than 25 alternatives to Minitab, but unfortunately only one is available for Android. If you can't find an alternative you can try to filter for web or SaaS options.

    This page was last updated Feb 24, 2021

    1. It is a cloud based statistical software for beginners and business users for market research and customer analytics. It works on PC, Mac, iPad, and mobile phone working like Google Docs for statistical analysis. It is simple and easy to use.
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      Number Analytics vs Minitab opinions
      Most users think Number Analytics is a great alternative to Minitab.
      For basic statistics like descriptive statistics, ANOVA, T-test, Linear Regression are also available. It is easier to use but the functionalities are limited for professional statistical analysis.
      Positive comment over 4 years ago

      snam2 I used Minitab for basic statisticcal analysis like t-test, ANOVA test, and regression analysis. The basic statistical analysis results are comparable with those from Number Analytics. For those who start to learn basic statistics would benefit from Number Analytics because it is free for basic statistics. The basic plan is limited to use less than 2M byte data file, but for learning statistics, it would be good enough.
      Positive comment over 4 years ago

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