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    MacCleaner Pro

    MacCleaner Pro is the all-in-one software program that keeps your Mac digitally clean and boosts its performance. This program helps you clean up your Mac’s hard drive from tons of junk files, and as a result, creates more storage space.

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    • POX added MacCleaner Pro as alternative(s) to Disk Diet
      3 months ago
    • br
      brucelgrubb reviewed MacCleaner Pro
      Contrary to the promotion the program is very slow to scan the hard drive. Compounding matters is it requests permission to scan each protected folder and will not progress until permission is given. This is why after letting it run for 2 hours it had only scanned less then a quarter of my 2 TB drive.
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      5 months ago
    • altersoft added MacCleaner Pro as alternative(s) to iCleaner
      9 months ago