Left 4 Dead (Series) Alternatives

    Left 4 Dead set a precedent for cooperative online first person shooters, with many of the multiplayer alternatives available taking a few queues from it. For many, this is what comes to mind first when they think about co-op games.

    Those looking for more atmospheric or involved story-based survival horror games may find what they are looking for in Left 4 Dead's single-player alternatives.

    This page was last updated Mar 18, 2020
    1. The year is 1993. The protagonist's ancestors, the Winthrops, have obviously dealt with black magic and perhaps even pacts with the demons.
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    2. Pandemic Express is a multiplayer, first-person shooter where survivors must escape on a train to flee from hordes of zombies. Everyone spawns in a train station until one is randomly infected and needs to turn fleeing survivors into zombies. Survivors try to escape by train.
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