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    Iridium is an extension built to improve the user experience on the new YouTube Material layout.

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      improve the user experience on the new YouTube Material layout. Default YouTube logo page Defines which page to go to when clicking on the YouTube logo located on the top left corner. Default channel tab Defines which channel tab to load when clicking on a channel link or user link. Make user images squared Removes the circle style forced around the user and channel images which hides the corner of the images. Improve the YouTube logo This is a simple tweak to the bright red YouTube logo. When enabled it will switch the YouTube logo on the top left corner to neutral color; white when using the dark theme and dark grey when using the clear theme. Play videos by hovering the thumbnails Enables full video playback while the mouse is over the thumbnail of a specific video. Shift key toggles audio on video thumbnail playback Allows audio control using the Shift key while playing videos by hovering the thumbnails. Pressing the Shift key will toggle the audio of the video. The audio always defaults to mute when a video thumbnail playback begins. The default volume for the video thumbnail playback is set to 50%. Enable player pop-up When enabled a button will be displayed over video thumbnails allowing videos to be played in a pop-up window. When launched from a playing video it will resume from where it was playing as well as when closing the same pop-up window. [NOT IMPLEMENTED YET] The pop-up window can be resized and it will memorize the new size, with the minimum and default value being 533px in width. Enable blacklist Blocks all videos from a channel on main pages, with the exception of Subscriptions and Channel pages. When enabled a cross button will become available on the video thumbnails, pressing it will automatically add the channel of that video to the blacklist and remove any videos belonging to that channel. It is possible to remove channels individually via the "Edit" button located below the setting. Display uploaded videos number Displays the total number of uploaded videos in front of the video author name. This also links directly to the list of videos of that channel. Display how long the video was uploaded Displays in front of the published date how long ago the video has been uploaded. Enable quick controls Displays a section located above the video description containing the following quick controls: Autoplay: Allows quick control to the autoplay feature. Thumbnails: Displays a small gallery with all qualities. Some qualities might not exist, in which case a grey icon will be displayed. To close the thumbnails panel click anywhere outside the images. Full browser: Expands the player to fill the browser only during video playback, exiting automatically when the video ends. To exit during playback press the "Esc" key. Screen shot: Extracts an exact copy of the current frame being displayed in the video. This only works when the video is playing or paused. The higher the video quality, the bigger the resulting image. To close the screen shot panel click anywhere outside the image area. Comment section Controls the comment section visibility. Available options are: Show: Default YouTube behavior, comments will show when the section becomes visibile Hide: Prevents the comments from loading and a button is made available to load the comments on demand Remove: Completely prevents the comment section from loading with no option to load them Enable reverse playlist control Enables control over the order in which non-random playlists can be played, this excludes mix type playlists automatically generated by YouTube. The setting is persistent and will remain enabled or disabled for any playlist being played until it is toggled again. Default video quality Sets which quality the video player should play. If the quality does not exist it will select the one closest to it. Notice: Due to a bug in the YouTube video player that is yet to be fixed by the YouTube team, the quality option might appear empty when the selected quality does not exist, however the closest quality is being selected correctly. Play videos automatically Controls whether or not videos on the video page should play automatically. Allow annotations on videos Controls whether or not annotations can be displayed on the video. Allow subtitles on videos Controls whether or not subtitles can be displayed on the video. Allow loudness normalization YouTube provides loudness normalization on the client side, but this does not work well most of the time resulting in plenty of videos playing too low to enjoy. With this option disabled the videos will play at the volume the video author intended to play. Allow ads on videos Controls whether or not ads can be displayed on the video page. Allow ads only on videos of subscribed channels Controls whether or not ads can be displayed only on videos from subscribed channels. Notice: This option overrides the option Allow ads on videos Allow HFR (60fps) streams Controls whether or not videos can play HFR (High Frame Rate) streams when available. Notice: There might be cases when disabling HFR streams might not be possible due to YouTube not offering the equivalent quality streams. If such is the case the HFR streams will not be disabled for that video Memorize player size The extension will remember the last player size the user changed to and enforce that size when YouTube tries to reset it. Memorize player volume The extension will remember the last player volume the user changed to and restore that volume when YouTube tries to reset it. Force high quality player thumbnail When autoplay is disabled the video thubmnail will be set to the highest resolution possible. If this is not available it will display a generic grey YouTube icon. Player shortcuts always active Allows control over the video player shortcuts from anywhere on the page which would otherwise require the player to be active or selected in order to work. For a complete list of global and local YouTube shortcuts go to the following link: YouTube shortcuts Change volume using the mouse wheel When enabled the volume of the video can be controlled using the mouse wheel while the mouse cursor is over the video player. By default the volume changes up and down by 5%. Video stays always visible while scrolling When enabled the player will minimize into the bottom right corner of the screen once the original position is less than half visible. The player will restore it's size and position when more the original position is more than half visible. Notice: For the moment the size and position of the mini player cannot be changed, but it will be possible in future versions of the extension. Hide end screen cards on mouse hover When enabled all end screen cards will become invisible only when the mouse is over the video player, except when the mouse is directly over an end screen card, which allows only that card to become visible again. Play channel trailers automatically Controls whether or not the trailer video on the channel page should play automatically. Use dark theme Switches the theme of the Iridium settings page from light to dark. Use modified locale Allows the extension to use the language modified locally by the user instead of an automatic language. This only applies to the extension UI.
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