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IOctopus is an online mind map service for a dive deep into a mind for best ideas.

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    tabaghdasaryan reviewed IOctopus
    Easy to use, fast working, auto-syncing, and auto-saving, and those are not the only advantages of this mind map! The smart search is out of this world. I was looking for an io that will recognize the search results as I wanted: meaning if a bubble contains multiple matches to search, the result will show all of them, but count as one. IOctopus is the only one that has this, besides, the navigation from one result to the next is so smooth, that you don't get dizzy after jumping from one to another. The customer support team is so helpful, answering all the emails fast and giving all the information needed. Grate shout out to Jane Selishcheva for being so patient and helpful. Recommended!
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