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    Ad-supported email client with direct support for adding backgrounds, animations, sounds and more.

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      11 months ago
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      I've been using Incredimail for years, ever since it came out. Overall Incredimail has been a good program to use when you use email a lot. There are 2 versions of Incredimail. The FREE version is FREE, with ads & Incredimail Plus Version, the version you pay $24.95 for & it's worth the update. With Incredimail Plus you get all the following: 1. No Advertisements displayed in IncrediMail Plus 2. No Promotional Tag at the bottom of Outgoing Messages 3. Different Skins/Wallpapers - You change the way your IncrediMail emails look. 4. VIP Support - If you have an issue, you will get answers fast. 5. IncrediBackup - A powerful Backup tool for your IncrediMail program. This is a great program to use. It backups all you folders, files, emails addresses. Just click on which email address to backup & it does the rest. Easy to use. Can easily save to hard drives, external drives or flash drives. When Windows 10 came out, the update really messed up the Incredimail start up. In fact, I would have to restart Incredimail 4-6 times before it finally worked & it was major pain. However, that issue got resolved when I updated it to Incredimail Plus. With Incredimail Plus, it also gets all my emails from Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail at once. All emails go to Incredimail which saves you a lot of time. On average I get between 200-300 emails a day which includes some spam, a lot of business & personal. But with Incredimail I just check them all at once scroll down & see who it is from & the subject line & uncheck the ones I want to keep,,,all the others I leave checked get deleted. Once deleted, they go into a folder called "Deleted Items". This way, if you accidentally delete the wrong email, you can retrieve it, which is a good safe backup. Then when done, I click "Empty Deleted Items" & that's it. All those emails are gone. Instead of writing or reading an email with a white background, why not have one with your own company logo, the name of the day on the top, a picture of you, your kids, when sending an email to grandma or grandpa. In other words, with Incredimail Plus, you can make your email personal. The "GOLD Gallery" has a lot to offer so not every email is the same.
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      almost 2 years ago
    • mariusbughiu thinks Mailbird is an alternative to IncrediMail
      If you were a big fan of IncrediMail’s customization options like backgrounds, and custom effects, then Mailbird 2.0 is the best alternative on Windows 10 today. Mailbird is an intuitive, smart and highly customizable email client that helps you organize your emails and communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, customers and professionals.
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      almost 2 years ago