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ICQ feature in other programs?

Comment by massagesGR
about ICQ · Jan 2012 · Helpful Not helpful

i don't know the technical, but ... what i really liked ICQ for was being able to split the screen and see the message the other person was composing as they were typing it. you could see the letters being typed, so there was no "drag time" in waiting for them to type, then they press send, they you see it, then you read it, they you type your response, etc. seeing them heading down a certain path with the conversation, you could jump in and say, "no, i didn't mean that" right away and it really sped up the whole chat thing.

is there a program ... a "good", not bloated, susceptible to spambots program that does that? so each of us chatting can see what the other is saying right as it's being keyed in? i would love to find something safe / fast / clean / efficient that did that (like ICQ used to do).

thanks much

Comment by Bootlegger
about ICQ · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

ICQ used to be a decent IM client/service. Then it became bloated and extremely prone to spambots.