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Comment by JimmyVolatile
about Hugin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I've now reconsidered my opinion after testing out AutoStitch on both Windows and on Linux under Wine. It is far better in every respect.

AutoStitch (demo) works flawlessly out of the box and is extremely fast with default settings. Even when the underlying technology and algorithms are exactly the same (RANSAC, SIFT) . Hugin takes 5 minutes to finish what AutoStich completes a little under 30 seconds and with a far worse result.

I havn't tried Hugin on more than a few occasions but given the same source images, AutoStich totally outperforms Hugin on default settings. Of course, you can fiddle around, optimize control points and eventually get a better result, but give AutoSitch a try first.

Comment by JimmyVolatile
about Hugin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Hugin is very comprehensive and is very quick to use provided the images have an even horizon and little adjustment is needed.

However, if anything goes wrong, it's complexity of use is revealed and you're left stranded if you're not interested in toggling between numerical adjustment of image positions and the preview panel.

So...I'd recommend it if the user experience is improved.


Hugin is the most advanced panorama stitching program: different very effective stiching algoritms, distortion&vignetting&chr aberr correction [thx fulla], amazing seamless panos.....and in manual mode you can also make exposure fusions. has many output options including HDR, single images etc....
the new algorothms are better so IMHO the JimmyVolatile's comment makes not sense. Also consider that in that period there still was some bugs now solved: 2011.4 it's a really GREAT version of this really GREAT piece of software.'s FREEEEEEE!!!!

Ok. I'll try it again, centvrion1 :)