PTGui is panoramic stitching software. Originally developed as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools (hence the name), PTGui now is a full featured photo stitching application.



Pricing Information

One time purchase (perpetual license)

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows

Link to official PTgui site

Official Website


Support for 64 bit Batch Builder Batch processing Batch Stitcher Control point editing Equirectilinear panoramas Export to Photoshop Exposure correction Exposure fusion EXR source support Gigapixel panoramas HDR Panoramas HDR source support Little Planet support Multiple languages Object masking OpenCL support Panoramic projections Panoramic stitching PNG source support Rectilinear panoramas Sensor profiles Spherical panoramas Stereographic panoramas Stitch rotated images Straighten horizons Viewpoint correction Vignetting correction White balance correction Add a feature


Photos & Graphics System & Hardware


gpu-acceleration panorama photography stitching


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