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Seems pretty awful

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  • You can only import one .qif file at a time, jumping through hoops doing the same exact 14 clicks of assigning an account and everything for every single one.
  • You can only edit one transaction at a time. Each time you assign a category to a transaction takes 5 clicks.
  • Automatic assignment can't be applied to existing transactions because it only works if the Payee is already empty??
  • Automatic assignment searches only the description field, when the important information is in the Payee field. So you have to categorize everything manually, which means millions of clicks and wasted time.
  • If you edit a Payee with branch location or something, that information is lost, it doesn't store it anywhere else.
  • Is there a way to say "everything to this payee is in category X"? All I see is editing the Payee name.
  • No undo??
  • Default categories include a lot of duplicates, like "Phone/Wireless" and "Bills -> Telephone" or "Mortgage/Rent" and "Bills -> Rent".

Not bad for free

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I've used MS Money (and even Quicken back in my per-Windows days). If Microsoft Money weren't FREE [now] then this would be my next best alternative. It's not as convenient and "natural/intuitive" keystrokes as the commercial alternatives (which should be something easy to fix...but it may also be that I'm used to the others. It IS MUCH more friendly than GnuCash (IMO). I've also tried Mint, and Mint can probably do much the same as HomeBank, but I find it a small and well written standalone product even with it's keystroke quirks.


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After a short and pleasant learning curve, to me it feels just like Quicken, but it is free of charge. As soon as I get my finances in order with this application, I will make a donation to the developers.