HitmanPro is an on-demand malware scanner and removal tool.


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      about 2 months ago
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    • BaronVonButthole reviewed HitmanPro
      HitmanPro is awful. All it does is compare some of your local binaries to a VirusTotal threat feed, and it takes whatever it finds there at face value. There is no exclusion list. This means that if you use software that anti-malware vendors (who really should remove the "anti-" from the name) routinely designate as malicious for no legitimate reason whatsoever (e.g. Process Hacker), you will continually be warned about it, and if you're not careful, you will accidentally delete it from your system. There is a "Report that this file is safe" function, but even on the rare occasions it doesn't throw an error, it accomplishes absolutely nothing. If you use one or more "potentially unwanted applications" (PUAs), they will also be detected EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. They will also be flagged as "Malware" by HitmanPro, even though they are not. You're much better off simply using Emsisoft Emergency Kit. The least they could do is add the much-needed "S" to this product's name, and I don't mean at the end.
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      8 months ago