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Nice and resonable well featured RSS reader

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After some years with TinyTinyRSS I decided to switch due to the crude community (see my post for TinyTinyRSS/TT-RSS). After a closer look at all alternatives I could find I have now concluded that FreshRSS is the most mature alternative as of today.


This is some of the factors that has been important for me during my evaluation:

  • This application have 11 contributors on Github, most alternatives have 2-4. Only 3 of the comitters are very active and has been so for a long period of time.

  • The activity on GitHub is high and has been active for a long period of time.

  • I collect a lot of feeds and like the history thus it is crucial to be able to view read items, this is not the case of some of the alternatives like Selfoss.

  • I like to organize my feeds into groups, most alternatives can do this and FreshRSS can do as well.

  • Some feeds I like to keep a short history of, some I like to keep a longer history for. FreshRSS uses a default setting that can be adjusted for individual feeds. It is combined with the least number of items to save, e.g. scarp all items older than 6 month but keep at least 500 items in this feed. It can be old but will not be empty.

  • In TT-RSS I used tags for things I like to remember or republish. This is not possible in FreshRSS at the moment. I can mark items as favourite though and I will need to manage with that.

  • The installation was flawless

  • I want this for my family, multi user is a must

Cool thing I did not know I might like is that I can select what feeds to include in the general "all items" list.
Also cool thing is that there is a visual theme selector so I can see an example of what it is going to look like. 6 themes are included by default.

The overall impression (still after a very shorty period of time) is that I am satisfied and will continue the experiment and evaluation. All other alternatives I tested was rejected and I scraped the installation quite early.

Alternatives that I rejected

The Alternatives I looked at was:

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Thanks for this nice review!

I'm one of the developers of FreshRSS and I would like to know if you're still using it and what you think is missing? I see you would be able to edit tags, it's something I want to support since a long time too so maybe some day you will see that arrive ;)


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Reserch, compact and detailled view, clean UI, just perfect !


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light, easy to install on a mutualized hosting and working just fine, nothing to complain about