Focus Keeper helps you keep your productivity high avoiding burnout using the timer. Work with time. Not against it!

Basic Focus Steps:

1) Choose a task to be done.
2) Set the timer for 25 minutes.
3) Focus on the task until the timer rings
4) Take a short break (just do something relaxing for 5 minutes)
5) Once you’ve completed 4 focus sessions, take a longer break. (20~30 minutes)


- Adjust the timer with your fingers just like you do with real egg-timer.
- Next session starts automatically when the current session ends.
- Track your progress with two different charts (14 days and 30 days)
- Set your daily goal (number of Focus Sessions per day)
- Set how many Focus Sessions you want to finish before taking a long break(number of Focus per round)
- Customize the length of Focus Session, short break, and long break.
- Choose your ticking from 10 different ticking sounds and your own music library.
- Choose your alarm from 14 different ring sounds.
- Set any sounds separately for the short break, long break, and Focus session.
- Set any colors separately for the? short break, long break, and Focus session.
- Receive alarm notifications even when the app is running in the background.
- Today Widget for Focus Sessions
- Icon Badge shows how much time you left to finish the current session in the home screen Focus Keeper icon when the timer is ticking.
- Focus Reminder: If you're struggling to make a habit of using Focus Keeper, this could come in hand. You can set when you want to be notified to use Focus Keeper through weekdays and weekends.
- Option for resetting the Focus Count at midnight automatically. Now you can set your own reset time.
- Set different volume sounds for each ticking and alarm sound.



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