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    I used to use Broderbund's "3D Home Architect" but it will not run on anything newer than XP. So I've tried several home design stand alone products (IMSI, Punch, Encore) and the online Sweet Home 3D to replace it. Of the online options I've tried this is by far the best. Only downside is that you can only do one plan at a time in the free version, but hey, it's free. And you can print it out, delete it, and make another single design as many times as you like. You can also use it as a Google app and it will connect to your Google drive automatically. For the stand-alone products: IMSI (Turbo FloorPlan) HAD a good product (that was very close to what the Broderbund software was) until about V15...then they apparently joined with the Encore/Punch guys and it all went down the toilet. I have tried the Chief Architect packages and they are very powerful and well-done, however costly. I am about to try the Better Homes & Gardens "brand" which is a slimmed down version of the Chief Architect suites and I'm hoping for positive results.
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