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    • tuva-hayabi reviewed Flatpress
      Flatpress is easy to handle, you can create a blog very quickly. It is a flat file blogging system, and thus backups can be downloaded very easily by FTP, no database backups are needed. Also, you can create your own themes easily, in case you are familiar with HTML and CSS and a bit of PHP perhaps. Flatpress is quite flexible, it has a widgets functionality, similar to the widgets in WordPress. Of course, Flatpress is by far not as famous as WordPress, but WordPress is fat and overloaded, Flatpress is slim. A very nice blog system, I think, if you don’t need all those killer features.
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      26 days ago
    • nura24 added Flatpress as alternative(s) to Nura24
      6 months ago
    • epret added Flatpress as alternative(s) to Lutece
      7 months ago