In 2009 the White House choose Drupal to power its website. The White House also contributed multiple Drupal modules at
Tesla Motors website is powered by Drupal
The City of Boston website is powered by Drupal
The City of London website is powered by Drupal
Time Warner is powered by Drupal
Mattel website is powered by Drupal at
MIT Media Lab website is powered by Drupal
ONE (Ocean Network Express) Corporate Website is powered by Drupal

Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is powered by Drupal
Le Figaro website is powered by Drupal
Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) is powered by Drupal
Homepage at
Drupal case study: Entenmanns
NBA website is powered by Drupal
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Drupal Features

  1.  Extensible by Plugins/ExtensionsDrupal can be extended with add-ons, plugins and extensions.
  2.  WYSIWYG SupportDrupal integrates a WYSIWYG editor to edit the look and content of a document, page, or file.
  3.  Support for BootstrapDrupal supports the popular CSS framework Bootstrap.
  4.  Ad-freeDrupal doesn't contain any form of external advertising.

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Drupal is pretty amazing. Powerful, reliable, secure and free (open source), as well as being backed by possibly the most impressive and helpful developer community with a security team and a huge library of functionality extensions (modules & themes). If you're isolated you will find there are many Slack rooms, forums and user groups all over the world and a lot of great manuals, plus a ton of vendors to hire. There is no site you can't build with Drupal. Drupal will also grow with you as your site expands and becomes more complex and it will help you make those changes as configuration that can be migrated from dev to live. I've messed with and been exposed to most of the top CMS out there and I like quite a few, but Drupal is still king when it comes to power and digital experiences. That said Drupal has become a tool for large websites and/or ambitious ones. Smaller sites should probably use Wordpress, Joomla or the like, possibly even Weebly, Wix, etc. Why? When I worked on Drupal 4 and 5 we were making websites in the $3K to $30K range. Freelancers abounded, as did site builders who were hobbyists and designers, plus the community was incredible. Now websites cost more like $150K through $400K or more if you're huge, freelancers are rare, hell small vendors are rare as it has become a tool for development by teams of 8 to dozens. Worse, community is greatly diminished. Drupal 8+ is not for small organizations without a healthy budget and staff/consultants providing ongoing support. I'd give it 5 stars for bigger sites and 3 stars for smaller ones. 4 on average.

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Many bad plugins but some good plugins also exist...

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Top negative comment

In both a good and a bad way. It's good because it's highly customizable. It's bad because it's a nightmare to maintain because of it.

Out of the box, it doesn't really do all that much, and the templating is complex, too. Again, because it's very flexible, which is good when you need it, but gets in the way if you don't.

So what I'm saying here is that you will have to invest quite some time to actually learn how to use this thing and about all the plug-ins you don't know you will need. If you don't have that time, or are not willing to take it, better stay clear of this. It's very easy to mess your installation up to a point where it all falls apart.

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I agree that, more than 10 years ago, the Drupal version 7 or older were challenging to upgrade. This challenge is now resolved with Drupal 8 or more recent. As upgrading from Drupal 8 to 9 or more recent is much easier. Read more at or at

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Drupal has for

I am not sure how good or bad this module...

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very easy to make as pleased but not easy to maintain. for simple websites this works fine.

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Louis Beckler
Negative comment

tried it, not pleased at all with the results, really needs to keep up with updates.

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I do think there are much better CMS's out there than Drupal by now. I think this needs to be updated and keep up with the latests CMS available.

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