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Ferdi Features

  1.  Multiple Account supportFerdi support multiple accounts without the need to logout and login
  2.  LightweightFerdi consumes less device resources compared to similar apps.

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Top positive comment

After a few months of using Station, which was too slow, I started using Ferdi which is considerably faster and usable instead!

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Top positive comment

Better and more responsive development than Rambox (Pro) and Franz. Useful app, even though it's Electron-based (read: heavy memory usage like ALL crappy options currently).

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Durham Bell

I think that's really just Electron itself. Not sure why everyone is so hype about it. I had to uninstall several really awesome apps because of it's resource usage. Well, Atom wasn't exactly "really awesome" but it did have some nice features. Out of the box it was using more resources than VS Code with a ton of extensions. A vanilla text editor should not be hogging resources like Atom was though.

Electron is pretty, but needs some serious streamlining before it will fit into most people's toolkits.

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Top negative comment

The dev behind this app went downhill quickly. Something is wrong when they suddenly close down issues/feedback and make all other methods of communication inaccessible. I don't know where I'm going to go after this, but I'm going as quickly as I can.

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Sorin Sbarnea

Thanks for potentially saving our data. What happened cannot be denied and we should flag Ferdi as risky project from now on. Somehow it seems that all the projects in that area are kinda doomed to be plagued by something.

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Negative comment

The project was ended by the developer (even if the website is still online). The open source community is committed to continue the development with a fork called Ferdium https://ferdium.org/

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Positive comment

All the links are live, I just checked April, 21, 2022 and the last activity in the github repos was 18 hours ago.

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Positive comment

The most of apps work fine using ferdi! I like that I can use my protonmail there. But google drive just open another window and google calendar view is so... 90's.

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Negative comment

Something wrong happened with this app.
It's maintainer kinda gone rouge.
He blocked its social media, disabled issues in github etc.

In my opinion, it cannot be trusted anymore.


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