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ExpressVPN Features

  1.  Block TrackersExpressVPN has a feature to block trackers from tracking you.
  2.  No LogsExpressVPN doesn't keep any logs of your activities.
  3.  Privacy focusedExpressVPN is considered a privacy friendly alternative.
  4.  VPN Kill SwitchBuilt-in kill switch to automatically stop all network traffic if connection to VPN is lost.
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    Thelle Christensen
    Top positive comment

    ExpressVPN has been a pretty smooth experience for getting past ISP censorship blocking on Mac & iOS for me..

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    Top positive comment

    A little bit pricey, but fast and easy to use.

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    Top negative comment

    It seems to me:

    • You can't use the open source OpenVPN software only theirs even on linux!!!
    • they force you to use noname software developed by a nobody and noone can look inside this software only this nobody

    ""256-bit military-grade encryption "" LOL ... If you see this written that's a proof of their stupidity. Many idiots are using this phrase also such as NordVPN, Super VPN, etc.

    This is a catch, are you fool enough to buy it? Avoid "companies" (agencies) like this one!

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    Marketing is targeting the naive.

    SoftEther will allow use of your own OpenVPN cllient.

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    Ada Byron
    Negative comment

    I used to be happy with ExpressVPN and they were my primary choice. They held up to not only audits but having their servers seized overseas during coups and it being truly validated for no logging since authorities could not pull any data of confiscated servers.

    However, then billing issues after cancel service so have to contact them. Then I see that they checked into Facebook on me right after that contact, it is an automated marketing tool that I am guessing for them is about user retention but the last thing I expected to see from company like them. Also they look down on free VPN providers yet fail to point out for a second the free services provided by other services to persons in warzones, journalists, etc. for free that have top notch security and do it for the original purposes of a VPN, to ensure secure communications, anonymity, and fight censorship. I do not know if they had change in management of just change in business model but knowing they even check in with Facebook (literally saw it within 12 hours of me having to login to my account with them about billing), is enough to make me stay away. And that billing issue took numerous contacts to resolve, they saw I was being billed but could not figure out why since it showed I was cancelled on both my side and their side. Good thing I was not trying to be too anonymous with with them or I would have just kept being billed forever.

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    I love ExpressVPN. This is a very smart company that actually listens to its customers. And the setup they have for their servers should set the standard for tech companies. Highly Recommended Company!

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    Positive comment

    SoftEther vpn server.

    Unlike Torguard and PIA they use a software firewall to prevent leaks.

    As with any provider find a promo code to discount services. Never pay sticker price.

    While there is Wireguard soon there is only OpenVPN available now and then ONLY via UDP.

    For older hardware or SOCKS5 I recommend TorGuard.

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    Positive comment

    I've been using expressVPN for a year now and I must say it works flawlessly. So far so good. Just a bit on the expensive side but even the customer care experience was good so I don't mind paying a bit more. The only thing is that from the way they do advertise their product (pretty aggressively) and from the feeling I have of the company from their website and communications, I'm not sure I trust their ethic 100% given it's a privacy and security product that they are selling. I might wanna try some smaller companies like OVPN or similar for next year.

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