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    I tried this application when one of my USB drives got so messed up that its partition wasn't recognised anymore. The drive showed up in Windows, but it just wanted to format it. Chkdisk said that it couldn't recognise the file system. Various other tools tried and failed at rescuing, or even displaying, anything from the drive. So what did EaseUS Partition Recovery do? It didn't even show the corrupted drive in its list of disks, from which it asked me to choose the one I want to recover partitions on. Every drive was shown and selectable, except the broken one. So what, I ask myself, is the purpose of a partition recovery software that will only work on partitions that aren't corrupted in the first place? Every other tool I tried at least detected the drive, if only to tell me that they couldn't help me save it. The EaseUS website clearly states that Partition Recovery _should_ work on removable USB drives and FAT32 partitions, which was the type of the one I lost. It just doesn't. I went with TestDisk in the end, which was the only tool that actually made some headway. Whether the recovery is successful has yet to be seen, because after TestDisk's work was done, a multi-hour process of rebuilding the FAT table had to be started. But this software here was no help at all.
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