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Don't bother - riddled with problems.

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This product has never worked for me. It commonly (for everyone) hangs at initialization, usually at around 80% or more, to which the solutions did not work for me. Sadly, I can't say anything else about this thing, because I can't use it beyond staring at the loading screen while it remains at a solid 80%

Crap just like the rest on the list of alternatives to bluestacks.


Small and fast Android emulator, easy to install

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Using Windows 10 x64. Recently reinstalled Bluestacks, but couldn't get it to work.

Looked for an alternative. This was awesome!
What I like:

  • Doesn't need virtualization (like Ganymotion). - fast (unlike Bluestacks?) - Small filesize.

Only problem I ran into was signing into Google Play at first. I only restarted it, and it connected.
If you run into problems, you may search Google too. Some suggest first removing your Google account from the settings, then re-logging in.

  • Tried Ganymotion. Ran into problems. Also needed Virtualbox to run.
    Turns out, Ganymotion doesn't work well, if at all, in Windows 10.

  • Almost tried Android x86, but that was over 400 GB! so I didn't.

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Complete crap.

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It doesn't install correctly (oddly it actually does, but throws false flags). When you try and uninstall it leaves a slew of garbage across the registry.

Unfortunately Bluestacks is still the easiest to use.


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It's awful, the version is android 4.2.2 so you can not play all the games even small indie games. It needs to install an older Virtualbox version, not a good thing for anyone who has/needs virtualbox in a computer. Not much options, its just cpu, ram and screen size, nothing fancy. Also people are first confuse as to why it doesn't look like a google play store, well because it uses the very old version from android 4.2.2 and you need to restart to get the newer version that looks like in your phone. Since this is running on android 4.2.2 installing apk will not work either due to certain apps running only has far back has 4.4 or better.

Do not install droid4x until they make a 4.4 android version.


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it crashes a lot, sometimes didnt load properly

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Its just like

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Bluestacks : Loading... , Getting Started... , One moment please... , Please wait... , Loading Data... in like 2 hours.
Droid4x: 80%, 81%, 95%, 99%.


Beats Andy, beats Ganymotion- TOP!

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.......tried Ganymotion and Andy before, I liked Andy way more than Ganymotion. Droid4X beats them! Nothing's perfect, it has flaws here and there but considering it's relatively new to the scene, I feel OK about it and don't really notice anything. No messups and no crash and I've been doing stuff with it!

Anyways, this is hands down the bes Android emulator. I had low expectations, but oh man, this is so much more than Andy. It just works great on my machine. Maybe I'm not the best person to give an opinion about whether a product is heavy or not(PC with 64GB RAM) but let me tell you, Andy sucked and it was heavy on my res, I felt it! This however just feels really comfortable to work on and if you have a U.I fetish like I do, you'll like it because... the UI's A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

About installation: Might take a while, up to 20 minutes on modern high speed networks, seems like the server is only giving max. 1mbit/s. Took me +-10 minutes to download. If your networks old, it might take ca. 20 minutes. Bear with it- totally worth it! I had so much frustration accumulated and this thingy is what I'll be using from now on. It took all my pain!

That's my 2 cents!



Currently the best, even if not totally perfected.

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Made an account only to say how awesome this Emulator is. I have tried all the big Emulators out there on two different computers. One PC and one laptop. Some of them just do not work, others worked on one but no on the other computer and others just barely ran any of the apps I tried.

The best hands down is Bluestacks when it comes to app compatibility, but that does not excuse all the ads, bloatware and all the darn processes and services running as soon as your computer starts, making your computer slightly more sluggish. Even if it is insignificant, there is just no reason for it!

Droid4X has 1 single negative for me and that is the download speed. No matter when I installed it it took me a long time, which probably happens only to me, but still it happens. It was though quite easy to find an offline installer on another site and use that instead. Afar from that, Droid4X was the most stable out of any emulator, especially when it came to playing for more than just an hour. Bluestacks eventually becomes sluggish and the memory leak humongous, so until you close it (With Blustacks quit) and restart it all your pc will be really slower.

The same happens with Droid 4x but it happens after a much much much much much longer time. On my laptop the faster when I was playing some games was Droid4X which obviously uses less resources. Also I want to mention that using your phone as a controller to whatever you do on your pc, is awesome and with Droid4X it's really easy. Kinda made me laugh and I loved it.

All in all I believe this is the best Emulator with easy sharing of any folder you wish between it and windows, a connection between it and your phone (if your game requires something that you can't do without a real phone). Sadly some apps do not work but 95% of the games apps I tried worked fine. Bluestacks used to be good but now sucks.

Just remember, if you try to install it and it takes a lifetime to download, look for an offline installer.

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Ok since I left a review I decided to reinstall it only to check the download speed fact. I do not know if they recently did something but it is 100 times faster than a couple of months ago. The installed seems to even have a button for people to download the full offline installer too. It is still slightly slow, but at least you can get the program downloaded in under 20 minutes. That's all~


Super Awesome..

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Ive tried a lot of emulators so far..bluestacks,andy, youwave and many more.. bt Droid4X,, its really awesome guys.. I am 200% satisfied with this product...SUPER AWESOME ...


Droid4X is the best and most complete. The only one with ROOT and easy fake GPS setup.
Virtual Keyboard and Joystick. Most complete one. Great performance and very complete.
Unfortunately it hangs alot for me, and force closes alot.

I think its the Problem with your Graphics drivers..Update all your drivers and update Droid4x too.. new beta versions are out.. v 0.80 I think..