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    Drawpile is a drawing program that lets you share the canvas with other users in real time.

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    • smellymooo added DrawPile as alternative(s) to - The open art project
      14 days ago
    • imh1kiko reviewed DrawPile
      While it does what it says, being our staple-use for years, it has it's short-comings. The main big cons I can bring out is: • With stabilization completely off, the line is jittery no matter what, making line stabilization (smoothing) absolutely worthless. • The color stretching and mixing implementation falls short by a huge range, to the point, where it's easier to just block things in with selecting in-between values and saturations, rather even trying to make a working brush. • While there are updates, there don't seem to be any significant progress (functionality-wise). • Certain functionality is obscured, or straight up confusing. For example, canvas rotation through key-input. Or selection rotation/scaling. I'd tell you to look for another, but this is honestly the only usable thing, that we can restrict to our VLAN. There is another in-browser one called "Magma Studio", which is worth a check.
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      2 months ago
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      2 months ago