DocuSign provide electronic signature services on multiple platforms.

DocuSign makes it easy and fast to get your documents signed. Whether you need to close a big sales contract, keep your company trade secrets safe with an NDA or buy a home, DocuSign is the easiest, fastest, most secure way to get a signature—anytime, anywhere, on any device.



Supported Platforms

Online Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Google Drive Kindle Fire

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Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


E-signatures Electronic Signature REST API Sign PDF files Add a feature


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At my work, we’ve been using DocuSign for a while, but it’s kind of pricey and I was tasked with looking for an alternative. We’ve made the switch to DottedSign and it’s working out so far - it feels...

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DocuSign costs $120-480 / year, but I'm looking for an electronic signature app without a recurring cost.

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