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DDEV was added to AlternativeTo by bigbigboy on Mar 15, 2021 and this page was last updated Nov 1, 2023.

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Top positive commentNov 1, 2023

One big strength of DDEV is that it is legally controlled by a friendly NOT-for-profit organization called "The DDEV Foundation" :) Usually, NOT-FOR-profit organizations value people above money. For you, this means lower risk of future Lock-In.

In comparison, Lando and Docker4Drupal are legally controlled by FOR-profit organizations. Usually, FOR-profit organizations are at higher risk to value money above people :( Docksal's legal control intent is not yet know. Because it is neither controlled by a NOT-for profit nor a FOR-profit organization. :|

Below is the same suggestion as above. But with details if you're interested in those.

For those not familiar with "Lock-In". In my suggestion above, I mean, for the PRESENT, a product is attractive because it is WITHOUT Lock-In. But in the FUTURE, there is a significant risk that the real intent of the FOR-profit organization is to slowly and increasingly add Lock-Ins. Meaning a risk that, in the future, you could be dependent on the product. In turn, also in the future, difficult and costly for you to move from their Lock-In product to another product without Lock-In. After the number of users reach a set level, FOR-profit organizations, often under the constant and increasing pressure from secret financial investors, use "Lock-In" short term strategy to monetize their users for the profit of their secret stakeholders. Details at

On the long term, the most successful products are most often those WITHOUT lock-in. Simply because the more lock-in an organization adds, the more users leave the product. In turn, without users, the product fades away and potentially risk being discontinued. Leaving you out dry with a no longer maintained product ;) In other words, by using a product controlled by FOR-profit organization, you risk exposing yourself to time-consuming and costly migration to another product.

Source legal control as of November 1st, 2023:

• DDEV is controlled by the NOT-FOR-profit organization "The DDEV Foundation". Source at

• Lando is controlled by the FOR-profit organization "Lando System, Inc.". Source at

• Docksal is not controlled by an organization. This means that in the future, Docksal could be controlled by either a FOR-profit or a NOT-FOR-organization. The creator and main maintainer of Docksal is "Leonid Makarov". Source

• Docker4Drupal is controlled by the FOR-profit organization "Wodby, Inc.". Source at

I am not saying that all FOR-profit organizations value money above people and always end up trying to fool you into Lock-Ins. I am saying that, when a product is legally controlled by a FOR-profit organization, the risk of Lock-in is obviously higher. Before exposing yourself those this, I suggest considering your resistance to Lock-Ins stress and cost.

Also, I suggest to keep in mind that, some owners of organizations, in good faith, are not yet aware of the future risks associated with FOR-profit organizations and the future benefits associated with NOT-for-profit organization. This means that in the future, some organizations could potentially switch their legal controlled from FOR-profit organization to NOT-for-profit organization.

For example, at first, DDEV was controlled by a FOR-profit organization. Then, in 2023, DDEV wisely switched full control to their NOT-for-profit organization. Which significantly boosted their popularity.

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