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Alternatives to DayDeed for iPhone, Android, Web, iPad, Android Tablet and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to DayDeed.

DayDeed allows you to keep track of your life's most important goals, in the simplest and most flexible way. From daily tasks to weekly sessions, whether you simply want to check-in, or to measure performance, we will keep you on track. If you're looking for more info about DayDeed like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

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Alternatives to DayDeed for all platforms with any license

  • Habitica

    Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you, Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy. Treat your life like a game to stay motivated and organized! Habitica makes it simple to have fun while accomplishing goals. Input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then create a custom avatar.

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  • LifeRPG

    Automatically prioritize your goals and gain XP for achieving them. Features: * Gain XP for achieving goals (missions) and level up. * Assign skills to missions and watch your skills level up as well. Rename and delete skills any time. * Radar chart displays your top skills. * Set your own sounds for leveling up, completing missions, and increased skills. * Automatically sorts your missions by suggested priority, even taking your energy level into account.

    Free Android Android Tablet

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  • The HabitHub

    The HabitHub is a powerful app that can be used to track habits, accomplish your goals and finally rewire yourself. FEATURES • Streaks - HabitHub is based on Seinfeld's productivity secret, which involves building long streaks of days. These streaks that you build will motivate you to keep moving forward. • Themes - HabitHub comes with four beautiful prebuilt themes. • Calendars - HabitHub comes with full featured calendar view for every habit to track and visualize your chains.

    Freemium Android

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  • Streaks

    Track up to six tasks you want to complete every day. Your goal is to build a streak of consecutive days. Streaks works with the Apple Health app to help you achieve your fitness goals. FEATURES: * Streaks automatically knows when you complete tasks linked to the Health app * Includes a blazingly fast Apple Watch app, including Complications, Glance screen, and Rich Notifications.

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  • HabitBull

    HabitBull is a powerful companion which helps you keep track of your day to day habits and routines » Fully Customizable Measure and track anything and everything. Get notified whenever you need to do something important. » Cut Bad Habits From Your Life Simply start tracking bad habits like nail biting, smoking or drinking too much. Once you see the patterns, it's easier to break them. HabitBull keeps you accountable.

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  •, formerly known as Lift App, is a goal tracking program with community support to hold you accountable and cheer you on. If you want to be superhuman, is the best training available. Get fit. Get happy. Get productive. coaches you in more than 200,000 different goals. Coaching ranges from simple reminders all the way to hiring one of our 700 expert coaches. Here's how works. STEP 1: Choose your goal. Coach.

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  • Joe's Goals

    Joe's Goals is an online goal-tracking website. 100% Free (Subscription required for more than 6 goals or logbooks). No Download Required. Easily shared with friends. Achieve your goals. * Get control of your life. * Have as many goals as you want. * Place multiple checks on the same goal for those extra-productive days. * Share your progress with your friends. * Use negative goals to track your vices.

    Freemium Web

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  • Momentum Habit Tracker

    Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps" in the Mac App Store and in "Productivity" in the App Store. Also featured by TIME, The Next Web, Macworld and Cult of Mac. "Insanely Great - Such a beautiful and simple app. The best habit tracker on the App Store, hands down." - App Store review Momentum is the simple, yet powerful, habit tracker that boosts your willpower and helps you reach your goals. Check off your habits from your iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac.

    Freemium Mac iPhone iPad Apple Watch

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  • SuperBetter

    SuperBetter increases resilience - the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles. Playing SuperBetter makes you more capable of getting through any tough situation—and more likely to achieve the goals that matter most to you. Why play SuperBetter? SuperBetter has helped nearly half a million people so far achieve personal growth and tackle real-life challenges.

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  • Productive

    Build good habits. Organize your life. Productive has all the tools you need to build a routine of positive, life changing habits. Productive gives you: - A way to plan your day - Schedule habits for morning, afternoon, evening, or any time of the day. You can also schedule habits for more than once a day, or only for weekdays, or just for the start of the month, or just on Mondays, or many other convenient choices.

    Freemium iPhone

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  • Habit List

    Build better habits with Habit List, the productivity tool that includes everything you need to reach your goals, wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive interface. It motivates you, helps you stay focused, and keeps you on track. It’s for all the little things that make a big difference.

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    Meet CARROT, the to-do list with a personality.

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  • Mindbloom

    The Mindbloom Life Game gives you a fun and interactive way to work on your own motivations and personal goals and passions. Unlike a lot of self-improvement "games" that are gimmicks to help you build a to-do list, Mindbloom was designed to be fun, story-driven, and useful at the same time.

    • Discontinued The company was acquired by Welltok Inc. in March 2014 and then the products seems to be no longer updated.

    Freemium Web iPhone

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  • everyday

    Hello everyone! Thanks to your feedback emails I keep making the app better a little bit EVERY DAY. Remember that you can contact me from the settings menu! Please, consider reviewing the app! It helps more people to see it on the app store and me, in my goal to be able to live from it and keep improving it for all of us :-) What's new In this version: - Added the option to review the app from the Menu. - Worked on some performance improvements that should make the data load faster.

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  • Today

    Today brings a unique new approach to habit tracking and formation. For each habit you can select a fullscreen photo cover to motivate and inspire you and then build the right dashboard by combining cards, each with its own functionality. Each card’s functionality and customisation options has been carefully built around the need track to your habits and we plan to bring many more, integrating 3rd party services.

    Commercial iPhone

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  • Strivo

    Strivo offers a great way to complete your goals, by gamifying them. Build habits Instead of tracking random individual habits, you build habits that act as building blocks for your goals. Strivo helps you build habits with purpose. Turn talk to action The hardest part when trying to achieve goals & build habits is staying motivated and consistent enough. Strivo provides you with a strong reward system to help you keep yourself focused.

    • Discontinued The website is not available and the twitter account is closed

    Free Web

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  • Task Hammer

    Task Hammer is an rpg game and a task list app in one. Task Hammer lets you complete your epic quests or daily routines and even gets you awarded for that. You can be a barbarian, a rouge or a sorceress and level up your character by doing real world stuff. Task Hammer is also really useful todo list: it's simple, it's beautiful and also has alarms, widgets & repeating tasks.

    • Discontinued The app seems to be no longer updated. Last version, 1.03, released in August 2012, can be still downloaded from the Google Play Store

    Free Android Android Tablet

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  • Habitloop

    Ready to design your lifestyle? Build new tiny habits that make a huge difference. Habitloop shows you what tiny steps are the most efficient and how to make them stick for good! This habit forming methodology was proven in over 100 studies. WARNING! Pick your habits carefully, because you become what you do regularly. Here is how it works: Let’s say, if you want to start losing weight, you’ll need to develop few efficient habits.

    Free iPhone

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  • Greatness

    Key features: * Beautiful panoramic backgrounds for habits and ability to set your own picture as background * Personal Diary for each habit - write notes and attach photos * Apple Reminders iCloud sync - mark habits as done on your Mac or Apple Watch * Completion and streak counters * Touch ID protection

    Freemium iPhone iPad

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  • EpicWin

    EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to quickly note down all your everyday tasks, but with a role-playing spin. So rather than just ticking off your chores and reminders, completing each one earns you XP to improve and develop your character in an ongoing quest to improve stats, gain riches, and level-up.

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