Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind.

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      Chocolatey is a great platform, but only if you are a USER of chocolatey. The second that you decide you would like to benefit the community by creating and releasing chocolatey packages to the community feed yourself, it turns into a nightmare. Mostly this centers around the "package review" process (if it can be called such). To begin with, the standards as to what constitutes an "acceptable package" are very loosely defined, which creates delays when trying to release your package when it already can take up to a month for a reviewer to even look/re-look at your package again. One of the pages on chocolatey's web site states "Since it uses PowerShell, if you can dream it, you can do it with Chocolatey." This statement however, is very misleading, as it would imply that you can run powershell commands to perform additional installation processes in your chocolatey packages, which you can do IF you are hosting your own feed. However, when posting to the community chocolatey feed, you are pretty much restricted to using only the chocolatey commands, and your packages will remain unpublished unless you take part in their interrogation as to why you didn't use only chocolatey commands or assimilate, all done under the guise of moderating the package to ensure it is safe. Apparently, chocolatey's "moderation" to promote a great user experience comes at the cost of providing a horrible and time wasting experience for contributors who want to submit packages. EG. I submitted a package myself that had the below line of powershell: [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; This line was put in there because powershell could not download the file successfully without its presence, as powershell uses TLS 1.0 and the site from which the package needed to be downloaded uses TLS 1.2. However, despite the fact that my package met all requirements and conformed to every other standard, its publication has been delayed by almost 2 MONTHS BECAUSE OF THAT ONE LINE!!!!! Personally, I will never write a chocolatey package for the community feed again, because they just love kicking developers in the balls. Ferventcoder, if you are reading this, I would very seriously recommend that you modify what you currently and laughably refer to as a moderation process so as to not alienate the developers who put their time and energy into writing packages for the community feed. Or at least update the advertising on the chocolatey web site as to not indicate that you are free to use powershell commands that are not contained within the chocolatey module, to at least let people who write packages for chocolatey know about the kick to the balls that you will be delivering. You have worn me out and I will never submit one again because of the horrible experience dealing with your moderators and wasting my time reviewing their asinine input, modifying the packages to meet their asinine requests, and resubmitting. I am done, done, done, and if you are a potential who is thinking about starting, save yourself the nightmare and don't
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