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Bundled with stuff you don't want and can't easily avoid. Not worth the hassle.

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Downloaded from the official website. As others have noted, it comes ridden with adware that it stealthly installs itself. I'm no stranger to unchecking boxes and still it got me because I only managed to avoid one of two or three software it injects in your computer besides CDisplay EX itself. After installing CDisplay Ex, a downloader appeared in the taskbar (no way to just close it) that seemed to be downloading Avast (which then automatically got installed), together with yet _another _antivirus that got installed.

Do not give administrator access to the current installer. Only if you accept the risks and know what you are doing. I recommended you use CDisplay 1.8 instead or anything else, really.

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As mentioned by the other users, there is adware bundled that you can not opt out of. I have personally verified this using a sandbox.

Do not run the installer assuming it will have the courtesy to ask for permission to install bloat

If I could give this 0 stars I would


The EX version seems to be EXposed to opencandy. Still if you manage to kill that, it is an awesome program.

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And here I thought that it had no crapware attached.. mostly because I was installing the original version. Seems EX does indeed come bundled with crapware. I say this because as soon as you run the installer, opencandy runs in the background. I have absolutely no problem with apps that try to advertise stuff. A lot of programs come bundled with crapware, but at least they give you the choice to use them or skip them. What I hate is opencandy, that no matter your choice, something gets attached to your computer. A lot say it is just for them to get statistics that their product has been advertised. I say they choose the wrong way, since opencandy is notorious of installing crap without asking.

Thankfully I have Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium. It has helped me many times in the past, because it does not only catch these crapware, but it let's me continue installing the software I want, removing open candy.

Malwarebytes catching the opencandy dl

Afar from the stupid bundled opencandy the program is awesome. An updated CDisplay with nice interface and above all for me, supporting Japanese mode, which is why I was using the original program too. If you have an Antimalware Shield, probably it will capture the opencandy. I do not know how the antimalware shields of the paid versions of some antiviruses work. The paid version of Malwarebytes Antimalware though works like a charm. If you have already installed it or going to install it, just remember to run the free version of malwarebytes antimalware. It will kill whatever the stupid opencandy will install.

All in all, I highly recommend this, but only if you will use an antimalware shield or scanner.


Installs adaware and takes over your browser search and homepage!

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Avoid like a plague indeed! It has installed all that crap even though I have carefully said no to all third-party components during the install process. Why this hasn't been taken down by yet?!


Yeap. As soon as you run it, it runs along opencandy. Thankfully I did not have trouble with it since I use Malwarebytes antimalware Premium and as soon as I run it, it killed the opencandy.


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It will install bunch of "partner" soft even if you unchecked everything (hijack your browser with some Trovi weird stuff)


Hijacks your browser, installs other software.

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I used advanced custom install and made sure that I unchecked the option to install Trovi search in my browser, but the software installed it anyway. I'm not sure why they bother pretending you have a choice.
Trovi hijacked my browser, changed my home page, and changed my search engine.
It also installed Search Protect, which claims to protect you from malicious software hijacking your browser - but in reality it just protects Trovi from being removed.
It also installed TuneUp Utilities without asking.
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it did other things that I haven't discovered yet.

Avoid this like the plague. There are safer options out there.


No choice but to install 'partner' software

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Tries to install some gimcrack search toolbar and doesn't give you the choice to avoid that privilege completely. As this prevents me installing CDisplayEx on any of my machines, please consider this a negative review of the installer rather than the software itself.


Good 7z support...

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Wow, it extracts solid 7z archive and put all the files into memory and virtual memory. This is good for some cases.



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Not sure what people is smoking, there is no bundled software with CDisplayEx. I've never seen it in the installers, and I just checked the latest version. I've used it for years, practically since the beginning of the project. Maybe make sure you're actually downloading it from the official site.

This is the best comic viewer for my needs, it's a no BS, generally speedy, easily customizable program.

My one gripe is that it has trouble with ultra high resolution, high quality color images. They are very slow to scroll through and take a long time to initialize. This is a running theme with comic viewers, I've tried others (YacReader, Mcomix) and they are at best just as slow and at worst significantly less stable. The best alternative I've used for those types of files is actually SumatraPDF. It's generally slower overall, but much faster with regards to high resolution color images.


It would not be a problem if they were just bundled software. OpenCandy runs as soon as you run the installer. That means that something gets injected in your pc as soon as you use the file. advertisement software are not bad, except for the ones that click ahead without reading. But injecting anything in your PC without asking you, that is NOT good.