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  • NJackMoler added Bonkey as alternative(s) to GS RichCopy 360
    11 months ago
  • cy6ernauti1us commented on Bonkey
    It's just some coder's side-project. And not updated since 2010!!! The website is on BlogSpot. The download link is on a Google Site. And the code is on SourceForge. Not matter what glowing paeans may have been posted in the comments, I would be extremely cautious playing around with this little toy. Even if it's completely benign, it's just too old -- it's manual refers to Windows Vista as the _"latest"!_
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    about 1 year ago
  • cy6ernauti1us Downvoted a comment on Bonkey
    Never mind jaback, its a road kill. No real FTP regardless of what they say. Their other programs do have FTP clients, but not JaBack.
    about 1 year ago