Asset Forge allows anyone to create 3D models and 2D sprites using building blocks. Finished assets are compatible with most available game engines.

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      Read Itch.Io Terms first: NO REFUNDS. This is rather expensive-ish software for what it is, especially for how development has gone. The Dev has spend a lot of time reworking the UI over the last years and what feels like nearly no time adding new tiles. Which to me was the big selling point of the software. When I bought it years ago I expected frequent useful tile updates or at least cheap DLC packs. Instead we have gotten basically zip and all the time working on the UI feels kind of wasted? The only thing I actually like about the new UI is the 2D export, everything else feels like a downgrade. I was 95% happy with the old v1 UI which makes me feel gypped that so much time was wasted making UI that lowers my happiness [really hope it improves as the 2.0 preivew UI has lowered my happiness of the UI down to 40%]. It would have been a lot nicer if all that time was spent on the core feature of the product [quick tiles to snap together] in my opinion. I high recommend sitting back and waiting until the revamp is done to see if focus is actually put back where it should be.... Could be a few years though at this rate, so if you actually need to work on something best find another solution.
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