AniList is a tool to track and record your progression in anime and manga, featuring multiple scoring types, list themes, a public API, and many community features such as live chat, following feeds, and forums.

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      It is indeed good for list keeping and discovering new anime, but stay away from their forums! The community is incredibly toxic, users can swear and cuss all they want but the moment someone so much as make a LGBT related joke or use the word "trap" to refer to a character and they wont hesitate to ban you... I've seen someone being openly racist towards white men and those comments are still up today... From what I've gathered, since I've been with them for a bit over a year now, some of the moderators have incredibly twisted moral viewpoints and I don't know how to even describe it...
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      12 days ago
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      14 days ago
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      asuka thinks this post on AniList is helpful
      Custom lists, five different rating methods, good community, API available, multiple phone apps to choose from.
      21 days ago