Albion Online (Series)

    Represent entire series of Albion Online games. A sandbox MMORPG in an open medieval fantasy world. Player-driven economy, player-crafted equipment, combine armor pieces and weapons. Explore and tackle PvE content. Engage in PvP and conquer territories. Gather. Craft. Trade. Conquer.

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      What do I think about Albion Online? It's 2020 and Albion went F2P, which is a huge news, but only for some imo. And here's why... You would be wise to take your money elsewhere and use it to maximize your progress or experience, whichever you like actually. If you are a casual, fine, go play for free and i'ts gonna be good for you. But if you're a hardcore then you should listen to the following... Now that Albion is F2P, you should consider buying an account without going bankrupt. It's a good decison you can make, if you want to be competetive in AO like ever. Though be cautions, and avoid scammers! You can do that easily with the Scam Killer at ["mmoauctions albion online accounts"]( If you do that, the endgame will welcome you with the big arms, which imo is the big pic behind Albion Online.
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