Numerous security issues uncovered with Zoom, such as no end-to-end encryption

over 1 year ago by IanDorfman

The past week has shown that, now more than ever, apps and services will be tested with unprecedented use in our current COVID-19-driven work from home reality. This means that new exploits and vulnerabilities can and will crop up. This can happen to apps and services of any size, and now it has happened to the Small Zoom iconZoom video conferencing service.

Multiple outlets, including The Intercept and VMRay, are reporting numerous issues with Zoom, including a lack of true end-to-end encryption and the shady, malware-esque way the Small macOS iconmacOS version of the app installs without needing traditional user permission to do so.

The reality of the situation is that, while Zoom has committed to strengthening its security at the cost of further feature development and deployment, it is currently not the most secure way to go about conducting meetings or handle confidential or sensitive information in a corporate or even personal context. On top of what has already been mentioned, the possibility exists for non-password protected meetings to be "Zoom bombed" by malicious actors with disturbing or disruptive content. This makes it especially not conducive to scholastic environments.

To ensure that your meetings and other communications are truly as secure as they reasonably can be, AlternativeTo recommends apps that feature properly implemented end-to-end encryption. For apps that work as direct alternatives to Zoom and also feature end-to-end encryption, this means switching over to the likes of Small Jami iconJami or Small Signal iconSignal. Small Jitsi Meet iconJitsi Meet is also a good solution, but although it is encrypted, it is unable at this time to use end-to-end encryption. As all of these apps vary in their layout, it's best to see which makes the most sense for your group, team, or organization.

For non-meeting and non-real-time communication, it is still heavily recommended that you utilize software and services that focus on privacy. These recent popularized issues have caused companies that use Zoom for meetings to ban them immediately, including the likes of Tesla. AlternativeTo recommends switching as well, with plenty of end-to-end encrypted Zoom alternatives available.


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