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IBM has chosen to roll out Slack instead of Microsoft Teams to all 350,000 employees

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

In what can be described as a victory for Slack in the team collaboration service wars, multinational information technology firm IBM has decided to roll it out to all of the company's 350,000 thousand employees instead of its direct competitor Microsoft Teams.

Though this 350,000-person rollout logically makes IBM Slack's biggest enterprise (and overall) client, a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission describes this as being the case for years:

"IBM has been Slack's largest customer for several years and has expanded its usage of Slack over that time."

This company-wide rollout is a confident showing for Slack, demonstrating that it can be deployed and utilized at scale with one of the largest information technology companies on the planet.

Slack is available for free as well as with multiple pricing options across the web, desktop, and mobile operating systems. For full disclosure, the crew here at AlternativeTo uses Slack as one of our main forms of communication and collaboration.

Further coverage: Business Insider (subscription required) The Verge

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