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Vivaldi Mail email client's first technical preview is now available

Vivaldi Mail email client's first technical preview is now available

about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The Chromium-based Vivaldi web browser has released its first public technical preview with an integrated email client.

The client, aptly titled Vivaldi Webmail, was described by Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner in the announcement post, is considered by many to be "M3," the spiritual successor to the Opera M2 webmail client. Like M2 with Opera, Vivaldi Mail's main draw is its integration with the Vivaldi web browser.

The decision that Opera's development team made to drop its built-in mail client was one of the main factors that drove Vivaldi's creation. Vivaldi Mail is something that has been promised since the browser's first technical release.

Vivaldi Mail is comprised of 3 main components: The mail client, which features counters for unseen and unread mail, button based mail view control, customizable layouts, and keyboard shortcuts; a feed reader, which functions as Vivaldi's built-in RSS feed reader; and a calendar, which enables you to share your calendars between devices using your online calendar services, or keep them private and local to the machine you're currently running Vivaldi on.

To try out Vivaldi Mail, simply download and install the latest snapshot for Windows, macOS, or Linux, go to vivaldi://experiments/, enable Vivaldi Mail, and then restart the browser.

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about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

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Vivaldi Mail is a free email service with no ads and no strings attached developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It also offers contacts and calendar features, search capabilities, folders management, WEB/POP/IMAP access, 5GB of storage capacity, 20 MB of maximum attachment size...