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Microsoft bringing Edge Internet browser to Linux, asking for input

Microsoft bringing Edge Internet browser to Linux, asking for input

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

The Microsoft Edge development team is soliciting advise for fleshing out the requirements to be involved in bringing the company’s flagship web browser to operating systems powered by the Linux kernel.

In a post on Twitter, Sean Larkin on the Microsoft Edge development team asked any developer that uses Linux-based environments, even for personal browsing and use, to fill out a survey hosted by the Microsoft Office Suite in order to “help with some assumptions.” The survey focuses on Linux web development.

The following questions are being asked for those participating in the survey:

What distribution(s) of Linux is most important to you for web development? What scenarios do you primarily use web browsers on Linux for? If you use multiple distributions for different scenarios (CI/CD, personal, work, development), please specify which ones are important to which scenarios. How do you expect to install web browsers on your Linux devices? Please share any other details or needs you have for a browser on Linux to meet your development, testing, and/or CI/CD needs.

This public asking for help comes a few months following the announcement that the new Chromium Edge will not only be available on Windows 10, Android, and iOS, but also on macOS, Windows 7, and, of course, Linux.

No timetable has been set regarding the development and release of Microsoft Edge on Linux-based operating systems.

Further coverage: BleepingComputer

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

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