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Twitter rolling out new layout on desktop to bring in line with mobile

Twitter rolling out new layout on desktop to bring in line with mobile

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Twitter has announced that it is rolling out its newly redesigned desktop layout to everyone.

The new layout has been made to be "more consistent with the Twitter you see on other devices," according to the blog post announcing the rollout. This includes making aspects of the site such as the Explore tab fall in line with the mobile and app-based Twitter interfaces.

Though the social network has been testing out this redesigned layout on several of its desktop users in waves, this is the massive public layout that will soon encompass every user of Twitter that browses the site on a desktop form factor.

This redesign has not been without its fair share of criticism, with users citing aspects such as wasted screen space on 16:9 displays, vastly increased font size, and changed allocation for different aspects of the user interface when compared to the previous (now "legacy") version of Twitter on desktops.

It is yet to be seen whether Twitter will acknowledge or act upon the criticism of this new desktop layout, but at the very least, this change shows that Twitter's development team has an active effort going to try and improve the social network's browsing experience.

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over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

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