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Pale Moon browser developer offers some clarification

almost 3 years ago by Ugotsta

Amid misinformation and rumors, Pale Moon's lead developer has posted a clarifying article about the popular Firefox derivative. A similar article was posted in the browser's forums in the past and even its FAQ page seeks to offer some of the same clarifications. While it has carved out its own special place among Firefox-based browsers with its various optimizations and configuration options, there's been no shortage of inaccurate information about it. The article seeks to dispell that misinformation with the following points.

Pale Moon:
• is not a one-man show.
• is not an obsolete and insecure version of Firefox.
• has its own front-end and UI and doesn't need to adopt Firefox's to continue.
• has very strict separation of content and application code for security purposes.
• does disable some components, but only as to be optimally useful to its user base.
• redirects search engine revenue to its developer.
• is truly free and open source.
• has some proprietary tools that are not directly part of the browser.
• supports 3 fully-capable extension technologies.
• is not adware/spyware.

Given recent concerns about Google limiting ad-blockers in Chrome, Pale Moon offers another viable alternative alongside similar Firefox derivatives like Small Waterfox iconWaterfox and Small GNU IceCat iconGNU IceCat or the Chromium-based Small Brave iconBrave. Subtle differences in approach such as Pale Moon's reliance on its own UI can really help special niches to find an alternative that works for them.

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