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Make sure Vim is updated if you use Linux

Make sure Vim is updated if you use Linux

over 3 years ago by Ugotsta

If you're using a Linux distribution or if you use Vim (or NeoVim) as a text editor, you'll want to ensure your installation is up to date, in lieu of a recent discovery. Security researcher Armin Razmjou posted this insightful explanation of a vulnerability to GitHub several days back. The issue was fortunately resolved quickly, you just need to ensure you're using the latest version of Vim.

Updating is usually done by making sure your Linux distribution is up to date since most distributions keep up on security issues. Or you can just update Vim directly, overwriting it with the latest version. Same with Neovim, which is a newer fork of Vim.

Security issues like this are a good reason to keep your apps up to date. And they highlight the importance of active maintenance. An app with no maintainers could amass years of exploits. That's one of the reasons we take outdated software concerns seriously here at AlternateTo. When software hasn't been updated in a while, it generally increases the risk of old vulnerabilities being present. So we're usually quick to approve issues reported about apps that haven't been updated in a long time.

See any apps that haven't been updated in a while? Click the cog wheel icon and select "Report a problem". We'll do our best to get it approved right away!

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over 3 years ago by Ugotsta

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