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Firefox evolves with new logos

over 3 years ago by Ugotsta

Mozilla Foundation, the group behind the time-honored Firefox browser, is gearing up for some pretty big changes including a family of products under the Firefox brand; an encrypted file transfer tool, a monitor to notify you if your email has been involved in a data breach, a password manager, and of course, the browser. The logos for those products have finally been revealed, with the whole family being represented by a variation of the browser's logo. Meanwhile the browser's logo itself remains much the same but with some cool new gradients.

It's a good time for the Firefox team to push big changes. People have grown increasingly leery of Google Chrome due to concerns with tracking, especially with the recent push to limit ad-blocking. And privacy issues result in security issues. That's the very reason variations like Brave and Ungoogled Chromium exist.

Firefox is already transparent about not tracking data and encrypted communications seem to play a big role going forward. In fact, Proton VPN integration was trialed last year, and it was recently confirmed that Mozilla would be looking for alternative ways to monetize apart from Google-based services. ProtonVPN would be a great option as a premium feature which seemingly could be the case.

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