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Google adds Smart Compose and email scheduling to Gmail for its 15th anniversary

Google adds Smart Compose and email scheduling to Gmail for its 15th anniversary

almost 4 years ago by IanDorfman

In celebration of Gmail's April 1st, 2004 launch, Google has deployed new features to the webmail service. These features are detailed in a Google Cloud Blog post by the Jacob Bank, Director of G Suite Product Management.

The major features include a refined Smart Compose function that purportedly adapts to your individual writing style: "For example, if you prefer to greet your teams with a friendly, 'Hey team,' it can help you stay true to your voice. It can even suggest a subject line based on the body of the message you’ve written."

In addition to this, Smart Compose is now available on the Android version of Gmail, with the iOS version of the app receiving the functionality "soon." The feature is also now compatible with the French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

The other major feature added to Gmail is support for scheduling when emails send out to their recipients. For example, if you've written a work email intended for someone across the planet who is currently sleeping, you can delay that email from being sent until that coworker is expected to be awake. To schedule an email to be sent out at a specified later time, you simply need to click the downward arrow next to the Send button and select "Schedule send."

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almost 4 years ago by IanDorfman

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