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Tidal now allows users to block songs from playing in their playlists entirely

almost 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Tidal, the music streaming service that differentiates itself from Spotify and other streaming music services by offering "high resolution" high bitrate music streaming, is now adding another feature to its service that Spotify also separately added: The ability to block songs from playing while streaming personalized mix radio streams and artist radio streams.

Spotify previously added the "Don't play this artist" feature late last month, with the ability to ensure that certain artists that Spotify falsely believes will be to your music tastes are not played when streaming from a personalized or artist-focused radio stream. TIDAL's ability to block specific songs ensures that only the specific songs you dislike are refrained from playing, allowing you to discover songs from artists that you might not have previously heard.

The way to block songs from playing in Tidal is simple: Just tap the block button on the "Now Playing" screen of a song you want to block while streaming from the "My Mix" personalized radio stream or other artist radio streams. This functionality also allows you to block the entire catalog of a specific artist if you would rather do so.

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