Android Messages app receives support for dark mode in version 3.5

Written over 2 years ago by IanDorfman

A major update to the stock messaging app for Android has been released, with Material Design-based revisions being implemented.

As reported by Dami Lee at The Verge and Brittany Roston at SlashGear, the built-in messages app for the Android mobile operating system has received official support for a dark mode.

In addition to support for dark mode, other Material Design enhancements are also present, including new fonts for text, replacing the + icon with a "start chat" button when looking to message a new person, and defaulting the color for message bubbles to blue (while also removing the option to change the color of for message bubbles or contacts).

Version 3.5 of the Small Google Messages iconGoogle Messages app is available now on the Small Google Play Store iconGoogle Play Store.