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Brave web browser implements Tor in private browsing mode

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Privacy-focused web surfers will have a new viable feature to consider in Brave's integration of support for Tor's open network in its private browsing component.

The Chromium web browser has released a beta version of its "Private Tabs with Tor" feature with version 0.23. As detailed in Brave's announcement of the feature, in addition to the standard security already provided by the web browser, the addition of Tor enables its private browsing functionality to be much more difficult to track by Internet service providers, employer Internet, and complementary Wi-Fi services such as those found in restaurants and hotels. This also makes it so websites cannot track users based on their IP address.

The Private Tabs with Tor feature defaults to DuckDuckGo for web searches, with 19 other search providers available to choose from.

In exchange for the functionality that Tor is providing Brave's users with this feature, Brave is hosting relays for Tor and contributing bandwidth to Tor's network. The relays can be viewed via a query on Tor's metrics website.

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