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Google is now indexing search results based on mobile website presence first

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Google has announced that it is implementing the first wave of websites in its search engine reindexing project. This project is designed to reflect the exponentially shifting global Internet userbase as its majority transitions to browsing primarily using mobile devices. This move will enable mobile users to more easily identify the content that they use Google Search to find.

According to Google's Webmaster Central Blog post announcing this roll out, this will not impact search result rankings. Mobile-first indexed content will have no ranking advantage over desktop computer indexed content. In addition, Google will still adhere to only having one single index for distributing search results.

Here are the main bullet points that Google shared at the bottom of this announcement:

  • Mobile-indexing is rolling out more broadly. Being indexed this way has no ranking advantage and operates independently from our mobile-friendly assessment.
  • Having mobile-friendly content is still helpful for those looking at ways to perform better in mobile search results.
  • Having fast-loading content is still helpful for those looking at ways to perform better for mobile and desktop users.
  • As always, ranking uses many factors. We may show content to users that’s not mobile-friendly or that is slow loading if our many other signals determine it is the most relevant content to show.
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