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Google Chrome will soon block every ad on sites with malicious or deceptive ads

about 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Google will soon be releasing a new version of Chrome that offers additional protection against harmful ads.

As a continuation of an initiative that went into effect back in February of this year, Google will be expanding Chrome's content blocking functionality with additional protection against sites that host deceptive pop-up ads.

As posted on the Chromium Blog by Vivek Sekhar, Chromium's Product Manager, version 71 of Google Chrome will implement several new protections against what Google refers to as "abusive experiences," almost all of which involve malicious, misleading ads. The examples that Sekhar explicitly refers to include ones that "...trick users into clicking on them by pretending to be system warnings or 'close' buttons that do not actually close..." and ads that "...[look] like a play button on a video but sends the user to an unwanted download when clicked."

Chrome version 71 will remove all advertisements from sites that host any ads of these natures, with site owners given 30 days to ensure they are removed from the site before this ad blocking goes into effect. Site owners can use Google's Abusive Experiences Report portal to check for what the company considers to be "abusive experiences" that are flagged.

Version 71 of Google Chrome is slated to launch on the stable release branch in December of 2018.

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